The Slumdog Millionaire...

I enter the auditorium with a lot of expectations…as the movie has been getting raves and high accolades all over the world. But as the movie progresses one fact keeps becoming clearer in mind minute by minute. I am surely in for a surprise. The film is not what I had expected…it is much more than that.
What mesmerizes your imagination in this film is the pace with which it moves ahead. Never ever there is a moment when you can afford taking your eyes off the screen. The moment you dare do it, you are going to miss something.
The shots are amazing and tantalizing too… As the camera zooms through swarming narrows bylanes of Dharavi, you keep getting lost to the awe it inspires within you. Beautiful work behind the camera!!! It is first time that piles of garbage don’t make you feel sick… these, in fact, arrest you mind. And you find yourself totally lost in what is happening before your eyes…as if this all is real.
And how beautifully the scenes of the famous game show have been intermingled with the life-story of a slum-dwelling boy who grows as an orphan alongside his brother! In a switch, the camera is inside TV studio, and the next moment it is out in slums. And, my god, you enjoy this!!! The storyline keeps you transmitting between two entirely different scenarios.

And it is a pleasant surprise that during the intermission I get a phone call to know that ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ has been nominated for ten awards in Oscars. And my friend cheerily tells me that four of those nominations are for Indians. Tell me what I want more!!!
I have to write a review of the film for my weekend pullout of Sunday, so that is why I am here to watch paid preview of the movie in this bone-chilling midnight of Chandigarh. But what do I write now, when so much has been talked about the film…? And now, this mark of Oscar nominations!!
It is really very difficult to say anything for things that are not ordinary. And this film is one of those. And the last scene makes you float in the air… it is pure love in its simplest form that is there. Just two pairs of quivering lips! I am spellbound…that’s it. And I bet you too will be when you enter the cinema halls for your first day first show.

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