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They say- 'Things are easier said than done.' Let's go one step ahead - 'Things are easier written than said.' This is especially true for sending an e-mail or writing on a blog. It invariably removes time-constrain between two communicators. The writer has ample time at his hand to pour in whatever is there to say.
And the receiver has the freedom to go through it whenever and wherever he or she has free time and seclusion. So, you see, nothing comes in-between two communicators, except for one thing - it has got a one-way tag onto it most of the times. Sadly, it cannot be the way chatting is.
Well, there are many other barriers also that can hinder free-flow of a spoken communication. The biggest of them is the social one that reflects the typical Indian mindset. Surely, we are not talking about the metro culture where one does not have time to think for oneself. The problem lies in such social milieu where people can spare ample time to peep into other persons' lives, though they may not be aware of their own back. Very often, you may feel piercing gazes from the bodies around you when you are talking heart-to-heart with somebody, especially a person of the opposite gender.
And if you choose to go away from there to have a chat over a cup of tea, you may never know how many of them have suddenly turned script-writers - entertaining themselves by telling others stories about your outing. And this, undoubtedly, creates a psychological blockade also that further prevents free communication.
So, here chatting and blogging come as saviours. If chatting gives you freedom to have a crisp two-way interaction, blogging gives you a platform to exchange your ideas. But the only drawback- the charm of the stops-and-pauses is missing, and with this is also missing the world of gestures and expressions.

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