Zoya, Farhan... And a beautiful film


Exactly after one week of watching ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, I got a chance to watch another good movie. It was ‘Luck By Chance’ directed by Zoya Akhtar. I had heard about Zoya for the first time around eight years back when she was the casting director of ‘Dil Chahta Hai’.
At that time, my younger brother was new to Mumbai, and was struggling to start his innings in Bollywood as an actor. He had met Zoya in connection with screen test for ‘Dil Chahta Hai’, and it was he who had mentioned to me about her. Well, for me at that time, she was just the daughter of Javed Akhtar, and who was involved in a film that his brother Farhan Akhtar was directing. This combination is again out there in ‘Luck By Chance’, but assuming different roles this time... Farhan is the lead actor in this film.
This film is in all together different genre than what ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ is in. Yet it entertains you well. No, it is not pure entertainment as such...it is an insight into the lives of those who come to Mumbai to be a successful part of the glamour world. But do they get what they desire?? Often not...!!! And even if they get, they have to wait for long and have to have the highest degree of patience and perseverance. And during these times, if one gets a real friend who is always there to hold one’s hand through every thick and thin, then the struggle for survival is endured better.
This is a friend who is honest because he or she is with one when one is practically nothing and one desperately needs a shoulder to rely upon. But when one becomes successful or happy in life, he or she does not hesitate to leave that best friend. And then, what is in the end??
Well, it is what this film tells us about. A young actor from Delhi comes to Mumbai; and in a world where every other person is turning hostile on him, he finds solace with a struggling actress some years senior to him. They are there for each other in every situation… sharing between them all sort of emotions known to mankind.
And one day, the young boy gets a major break, and is a star when his film releases. It is there his priorities start changing. Those for whom he was nobody some days ago, they suddenly start swarming around him… Also, new people come into his life. He gradually distances himself from his true friend. And she herself goes through a lean patch, and she has nobody around to look up to.
On one end, she is mustering all her courage to move on with her life; and on the other end, the boy starts realizing value of honest emotions. And, finally, when he comes back to her, she is not in his life anymore… she has moved on well with a will that is never to be deterred. So, the boy looses a gem while he has been busy collecting pebbles. He is crowded by people around him, but he is all alone emotionally… nobody around who truly understands him.
It is a film which leaves you sentimental at times. It is a film which makes you cry at times.

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