So little she knew!


The day she started becoming aware of the things around her, she started dreaming. Surely, these were not daydreams. Her deep eyes were full of expectations and wishes for a wonderful life ahead. She was a thinker, and her thoughts were sincere.
She was far more mature than the bunch of boys of her age. She had always been a step ahead of them in terms of maturity. She laughed, she giggled, she smiled, she sat silent, she was sad, she cried, she wept, she loved, she hated. She did everything a normal human being does. She planned about her life the way every healthy mind thinks.

She went to school, then to college. She never failed to blush whenever she received a compliment. She studied well, not just to make a career for her but with an aim to be better mother to her children. And mere thought of being a mother someday used to fill her with a sense of pride and satisfaction. And then, a time came when she became a mother.

Till then, she had not known what relaxation meant. At every step and in every phase of life, she had found herself preparing for the next one…with a constant hope to have her own space very soon, to have time only for her. She was sacrificing her joys for the family. She was sacrificing her own well being; she was sacrificing her mental peace. She was accustomed to it; she had done this since her childhood.
And, ironically, she had been constantly reminding herself that her real joy lied in all the pain she endured. Her only mission had been to keep everybody happy and to smile constantly while suppressing her own sorrows. But, she never got a word of praise for all that. And this thing had taken the heaviest toll on her, without her actually being aware of it.
Then, she started thinking that she would see life once her children were grown-up. She would then have free time for herself. She would seek all the joys she once dreamed of. Little she knew that all those years of pain and endurance had left her too frail to enjoy even the later phases of her life. At that stage, she would then have to content herself seeing her children grow and wishing her daughter would do what she herself could not. Again, she did not know…that life revolved in full circle and there was never a new end to it.

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